BOOM: Aurora Movie Gunman Gets “Special” Welcome to Prison by This BRUTAL Fellow Inmate


Although James Holmes, the 2012 Aurora movie theater mass shooter who slaughtered 12 and injured many more, is serving numerous life sentences and will never be released from prison, some feel he hasn’t received the justice he deserves.

That nearly changed earlier this month, as Holmes was “welcomed” to prison by another inmate at Colorado State Penitentiary who assaulted him in an effort to deliver “prison justice.”

According to The Denver Post, the Colorado Department of Corrections has confirmed that both Holmes and a security officer were assaulted by an inmate named Mark Daniels.

“Daniels and Holmes are both housed at CSP. The incident occurred during an offender movement,” said Adrienne Jacobson, spokeswoman for Colorado’s Department of Corrections.

As Holmes was being moved from his cell to a day hall, he was attacked by Daniels, who was being moved the other direction down the hallway.

Daniels jumped at Holmes and took several swings at him before guards regained control of the situation. Holmes was reportedly not injured in the incident.

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The Post learned about the attack through a letter purportedly written by Daniels himself, who claimed the incident took place on Oct. 8, though the prison hasn’t confirmed the authenticity of the letter or the date of the incident, only that it occurred.

Daniels is serving time for numerous convictions on a variety of offenses including menacing, auto theft, assault and smuggling contraband into prison.

Daniels was also charged with first-degree assault over an attack on a prison guard in 2006.

James Holmes should have received the death penalty for his horrifically terrifying murderous rampage in a movie theater, but will instead be housed in a maximum security prison for the rest of his life at taxpayer expense.