‘My son saved his attacker’s life’: Father who brutally beat teen he caught raping his son, 11, reveals it was only his boy’s pleas that saved the pedophile from death as he says his family refuse to hide
Jason Browning, 35, shockingly admits he would have killed Raymond Frolander, 18, if not for his son stopping him
Mr Browning beat Frolander unconscious after walking in on the pervert performing a sex act on his son while naked
‘I just snapped,’ he admitted after the beating at his Florida home – he will not be charged with any crime for his actions
Frolander admitted to police he has been molesting the boy for three years and was charged with sexual battery on a child under 12
The father created a Gofundme donations page asking for $1million for his son – but later took it down
Frolander lived next door to 11-year-old and his father with the victim’s biological mother. The suspect’s stepmother is engaged to victim’s father

The father who beat a man he allegedly caught performing a sex act on his 11-year-old son has admitted that it was only his son’s pleas which stopped him from killing the admitted pervert.
Jason Browning said he was going to stab Raymond Frolander, 18, to death after he beat him unconscious but that his son stood up and stopped him from killing the man.
Frolander later admitted to Florida police that he has been molesting the boy for three years.

‘I was going to kill him’: Jason Browning says his son saved the life of a man who had been molesting the 11-year-old since he was just eight
‘My son is the one who stepped in front of me and stopped me. My son saved his attackers life, so who’s really the hero in this situation?’ the father asked WKMG outside the Daytona beach courthouse shortly after Frolander’s first court appearance.
Browning admitted he ‘just snapped’ when he walked in on Frolander naked with his son. Shortly after beating the teen into a coma, he went to the kitchen and grabbed a knife, he said.
‘I was going to kill him,’ said Browning.
Frolander was considered family by the Brownings and often spent time with the 11-year-old boy, the father said.
‘There was nothing uncommon to let the kids go in the bedroom and play video games together and now I have to wonder why the door was shut,’ Mr Browning said.
The father’s outrage comes from being molested himself as a child at a foster home in California. He said beating Frolander was the easy part and much harder days lie ahead.
‘I’m not going to pressure anything on him,’ Mr Browning said. ‘I know exactly what he’s going through, when he’s ready to talk about it, he will.’
Police defended Mr Browning’s actions but later criticized him for creating a Gofundme page asking for $1million in donations.
Initially entitled ‘Rebuilding Innocence’, the fundraising page featured a picture of a sleeping boy and linked the site to his Facebook profile, according to News-Journal Online.
Mr Browning wrote: ‘We are reaching out to anyone that can help. Our son was sexualy (sic) assaulted and we are now faced with the challenge of picking up the pieces, the emotional and financial burden is about more than we can endure.. Please.. Anything helps.. God bless and be with you all.’

Father and son: Browning and his 11-year-old son, who police said Frolander admitted to molesting for three years before the father pummeled him and called 911 to ask for an ambulance
By Monday evening, $145 had been donated but the picture of the sleeping boy was removed. The headline became ‘Help Restore My Son’s Innocence’ and the amount of money being asked for dropped to $100,000.
The Gofundme page appeared to have been taken down from the charity site by Tuesday.
Police Chief Mike Chitwood said he was sad to learn of the father’s attempt to make money out of the situation.
He told MailOnline on Tuesday: ‘It was brought to my attention and I have to say I was pretty shocked.
‘The police, investigators and prosecutors go to great lengths to protect victims of sexual abuse. I’m sure his [Mr Browning’s] intentions are in the right place but this is not good for the young man’s recovery.’
Chief Chitwood also said that he had hundreds of emails relating to the case, many from victims of sexual abuse and their families.
He said: ‘Many of them said that they wished someone – a father, mother, big brother – had walked in when it was happening to them.’

Beaten down: Raymond Frolander was barely recognizable in his first court appearance after the savage pounding
Raymond Frolander, 18, was treated at hospital before being taken to the closest police station, and his still-swollen face was evident from the beating he received only days ago.
Frolander, still covered in bruises and with a swollen face, pleaded not guilty to sexual battery on a child after he admitted to molesting the boy for years.
The father has not been charged with a crime and police appeared to understand his reaction.
‘Dad was acting like a dad. I don’t see anything we should charge the dad with,’ Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood told WFTS.
‘You have an 18-year-old who has clearly picked his target, groomed his target and had sex with the victim multiple times.’
A subsequent mugshot showed that Frolander had been badly beaten around the face, leaving him with swollen lips and eyes, bruising and lacerations.

Raymond Frolander, 18, (pictured in his mugshot) was beaten to a pulp by the father of the 11-year-old boy that he allegedly caught his sexually assaulting at a home in Daytona Beach, Florida

When the 911 responder asked the father if any weapons were involved, he said: ‘My foot and my fist’.
The 35-year-old man, who has not been identified, told a 911 dispatcher in the early hours of Friday: ‘I just walked in on a grown man molesting [name redacted]. And I got him in a bloody puddle for you right now, officer.’
Police arrived at the Daytona Beach home in Florida to find Frolander unconscious.
‘He is nice and knocked out on the floor for you, I dragged him into the living room,’ the father said. ‘Send an ambulance. He is going to need one.’

The dispatcher asked: ‘Is he still unconscious?’ to which the father responds: ‘Yes… I hit hard, sir.’
He said that Frolander was a ‘damn lucky boy that I love my God’.
The father added: ‘He stood up and his pants were around his ankles and nothing else needed to be said. I did whatever I got a right to do except I didn’t kill him.’
The father had left his home around 1am to pick up some food and when he returned, heard a strange noise coming from the bedroom, police said.
He pushed open the door and allegedly found Frolander with his pants down performing a sex act on the child.

Frolander, 18, admitted to the abuse on the 11-year-old, according to his arrest affidavit. He is being held without bail on charges of sexual battery
The boy told investigators he had been playing video games with friends but when they left, Frolander took him to a back room and pulled down his pants. He also said Frolander had been abusing him for three years.
Daytona Beach police chief Michael Chitwood told MailOnline today that Frolander had a close family connection to the alleged victim.
Today the chief said he believed that Frolander lived next door to the boy and his father. The suspect was living with the victim’s biological mother. Frolander’s stepmother is also engaged to the victim’s father.
The police chief said the young boy was intimidated and told by Frolander that terrible things would happen if he revealed the abuse.
Chief Chitwood said: ‘He’s 11 years old, he should be running around outside and playing video games, not dealing with something like this.’
The father was not charged in the suspect’s beating, police spokesman Jimmie Flynt said.
Frolander was taken to Halifax Heath Medical Center where he was treated for his injuries.
The arrest affidavit said that Frolander admitted the abuse.
The teen was charged with sexual battery on a child under 12 and is being held without bail. It was not known whether he’s hired a lawyer.