The distraught canine starts pushing and grabbing his pal with his front legs in desperate attempt to wake her up – leaving people to say ‘that’s what love is’
Heartbreaking footage has emerged online showing the moment a stray dog tried to get its dead pal to get up after it was run over by a car.

The video was filmed by an onlooker in the north-western Russian town of Torzhok located in the Tver Oblast region.

And after it was posted online it went viral and also ended up being broadcast by local media who talked about the loyalty of man’s best friend.

The footage shows a black medium-sized dog believed to be a stray standing over a similar sized dog which is lying on the ground.

It is seen pushing it, and grabbing it with its front legs and pulling it over the ground. It also nuzzles it and is clearly worried about the fact that it is no longer moving.

According to the reports, the female dog had been hit by a car, and managed to get away from the road where she then lay down and a short while later died.

The dog had apparently been there about five hours before locals decided to take the body away and bury it.

It is unclear what happened to the remaining dog afterwards.

One viewer commented on the video saying “This is what love is.”