CONCORD, California — A K-9 cop that was stabbed in Concord is back at home and resting.

Police say Jelle, a one-year veteran of the force, was stabbed in the face while chasing a suspect near downtown Concord on Tuesday.

The suspect was identified on Wednesday as 30-year-old Dominick Musulman of Antioch.

According to officials, Musulman had slashed another man on Crawford Street and then ran off while stripping off his clothes.

Musulman was shot by two officers. He later died at a hospital.

Police say the victim is expected to recover.

Jelle suffered a wound to his side. On Tuesday morning the Concord Police K9 Association announced on Facebook that Jelle was treated and is now at home resting. They wrote:

“Thank you to everybody that reached out to us today to check in on our buddy. It’s been a long day. K9 Jelle was treated for a stab wound and is now back at home resting. There is nothing to suggest he won’t make a full recovery and come back to doing what he loves most….Protecting our community…..Check back soon for more updates on K9 Jelle’s progress.”

The district attorney is now investigating the case.



  1. Musulman is a disgusting Refugee type. Get him OUT OF MY COUNTRY! Oh!
    I think he was killed. Yippee. No court action. He’s a dead doornail. Good! One less
    disgusting creep to worry about.

    • You have no idea what you are talking about. He has a mother, sisters, brother, nieces and nephews. And there is more to this story. That is not who he was.