Two Vallejo Officers Survive Coffee Shop Ambush From Suspect Armed With Rifle


Two Vallejo Officers Survive Coffee Shop Ambush From Suspect Armed With Rifle

Vallejo, CA – A suspect with a rifle ambushed two Vallejo police officers inside a coffee shop Sunday night. Both officer’s survived the attack.

Two officers said they were inside the Starbucks located at Lincoln Road West when they observed a man swing open the door and point a long-rifle directly at them in what is believed to have been an ambush style attack. Police described the rifle as having what appeared to be a “high capacity drum.”

Officers said the suspect’s weapon appeared to malfunction during his initial attempt to shoot them. The officers, fearing for their lives, pulled their own weapons, but did not immediately fire.

The suspect began wrestling with the rifle, as if he was still intent on firing on the officers, before he fled on foot. Both officers began chasing the suspect due to the continued threat the man posed to the public. The chase continued through a busy area off of I-80 next to a gas station where a second encounter occurred between the suspect and the officers.

Police said the chase ended at Magazine and Sheridan Street when officers, fearing for their lives, shot the suspect three times. The suspect was taken to the hospital with what was reported as being life-threatening injuries.

Witnesses reported hearing multiple gun shots in the area at the time of the shooting.

Vallejo police said they will provide a statement later with more information on this officer involved shooting.

These officers are very fortunate to have survived this attack. Every time an officer puts on a uniform they are faced with a very real threat to their personal safety. Fortunately, these brave heroes made it out alive.

Anti-police rhetoric continues to be the trendy-norm of entitled and misinformed groups of social hand-wringers. Meanwhile, police continue to face very real threats posed by fringes who are motivated by the misinformation spread by these “activists.”

This latest attack could have ended up much worse. In 2009 four Lakewood, WA officers were ambushed and murdered while on coffee break in a coffee shop. It’s a miracle that the Vallejo officers were not injured in this attack.