Babysitter Who ‘Can’t Take It Anymore’ Shows Parent Horrid Basement Secret

Nataliia Karia, 42 (left), Karia’s home daycare in Minneapolis, Minnesota (right)
While dropping his toddler off at a home daycare in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the father was met with a shocking surprise as soon as the babysitter opened the front door and said she “couldn’t take it anymore.” As soon the statement escaped her mouth, she led him down to her horrid basement secret that had him screaming for help.

Nataliia Karia, 42, runs a licensed daycare out of her home and has been entrusted to care for several children each day, all day. Before the father of a 3-year-old arrived to drop his child off, another Minnesota parent had left her 16-month-old son with the woman, almost an hour before the next father arrived, who he heard crying from a distance when Karia opened the door and said she’d had enough.

According to CBS News, Karia told the toddler’s father to go downstairs and see what she had done in the basement. There were other children in the home at the time, but the 16-month-old was the only one downstairs. The daycare owner had hung the baby from the ceiling by a noose she created and left the baby there to die when this man came at the exact right time. He cut the child down from the death trap as Karia fled the house, but her path of destruction was far from over.

As the baby was sobbing with obvious signs of injury to his neck and clinging to life, the man called his wife to say what he had just discovered. She then called the police as she ran to the daycare to watch after the other children until authorities arrived. Karia was in such a hurry to get out there, that she plowed over a pedestrian and a bicyclist causing severe bodily injury to both, Heavy reported.

Her escape came to an end on an overpass where she tried to take her own life by jumping but was stopped by concerned citizens who had no clue where she had just come from and why. The baby was transported to the nearest hospital in critical condition and is being treated in intensive care, but the child is expected to recover, as are the other bystanders she took out with her van along the way. Karia faces more than 30 years in prison if convicted on all charges.

Had this father of the three-year-old arrived seconds later, this baby may not be alive today. It was divine intervention that saved him and countless other from this psychopath. Parents had no way of knowing what this woman was capable of doing since there had been no complaints on record of the daycare and she was licensed to run the business out of her home. There should be mental health checks performed regularly on anyone who cares for children and other vulnerable people to screen for instability which would hopefully prevent these things from happening.