Five Reported Shot In Seattle Near Anti-Trump Protest

The Seattle Times has reported that five people were shot Wednesday night near an anti-Trump protest. The shooter remains at large.

Police reported that shots were fired around 6:45 p.m. at Third Avenue between Pike and Pine streets.

According to the Seattle Times, four males and one female were victims of the shooting. Four of those who were shot have non-life threatening injuries, one is in serious condition. Witnesses said that the shooting occurred near anti-Trump rally which later became a march which proceeding down nearby streets.

Police believe that the shooting stemmed from some type of argument that occurred between an unidentified man and a group or people in front of a nearby convenience store and adjacent bus stop. The shooter at one point began to walk away, then turned and opened fire. The suspect then fled on foot.

The Seattle Police released the following statement:

“Police found five victims on the street in front of a convenience store and at an adjacent bus stop. One man was taken to Harborview Medical Center in critical condition. The four other victims—one woman and three men—were transported with non-life-threatening injuries. At this time, the shooting NOT believed to be connected to earlier demonstration at Westlake. Detectives are on scene and have closed several streets in the area as police collect evidence and search for witnesses. Police are still gathering information about the suspect, who is believed to be an adult male.”

Anti-Trump protests erupted in cities across the country Wednesday evening, including Seattle. Although so far this has been reported to be unrelated to the protest, this shooting with multiple victims in close proximity to a protest is reminiscent of the tragedy in Dallas on July 7 in which five officers were ambushed and nine others injured.
Seattle Asst. Chief says that a lone suspect was in a crowd near or watching the anti-Trump protests, when an argument of some sort developed. One of the people in the argument stepped away, fired back into the crowd at the person or people with whom he was arguing.

At least some of the wounded are believed to be innocent bystanders waiting for a bus. Only one man is seriously injured. The four other injuries are believed to be to the lower extremities.

Authorities were on the scene within 60 seconds, as police and EMS were staged just down the street due to the protests.

The suspect is still at large.

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