BREAKING NEWS: Two Officers Shot In Texas In Critical Condition…They Need Prayers Now


Two police officers were responding to a call from a home in North Texas on Friday night. The call was for an attempted suicide, according to the Fort Worth Police Department. The officers were tasked with trying to stop a man from killing himself.
Officers Xavier Serrano and Ray Azucena responded to a call in North Texas. They knocked on the door, and when nobody answered, they entered. They found a person in the back bedroom, unresponsive from a gunshot wound. Though it was initially reported as a suicide, the police have since declared it a homicide, as the victim had several gunshot wounds to the head.
The officers then went in the backyard. Looking in the shed, someone emerged and began to shoot. Serrano was struck several times in the upper body and was transported to the hospital in critical condition. Azucena was struck once in the chest. SWAT officers later surrounded the shed, and engaged in a gunfight, striking and killing the man in the shed. Please pray for these officers!