Innocent Motorists And Police Across Country Attacked – Thursday Night Election Riots

We’re going on our third day of nationwide election protests, and more groups escalated to rioting Thursday night. Most of the reported rioting to date has been focused on the Oakland area. Now, riots have been breaking out across the country with officers being attacked.

The temper-tantrum to accomplish nothing has actually been growing each night, with the largest crowds ever being reported on Thursday. There are reports across the country of Black Lives Matter trying to take over the protests and turn all of the protesters into Black Lives Matter protesters. The divisive anti-police political group clearly saw a void wit organizers accomplishing nothing by protesting against something, so they are trying to turn the protesters to protest for them.

Portland, Oregon escalated more than just about any other place, where rioting resulting in random attacks on innocent motorists and destruction of everything they could get their hands on.

Oakland, California also continued to be a rioting hotspot, with officers fighting to push back the rioters. There are reports of rioters attacking photojournalists and other people trying to cover the riot.

Election protests broke out throughout the country when it became clear the Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election. People have been protesting and rioting ever since, in a valiant attempt to accomplish nothing.

Their nonsense had already resulted in at least one person getting run over along with three officers getting injured.

Black Lives Matter supporters have been calling for people to go to white areas and destroy their neighborhoods, because they blame white people for inflicting Donald Trump upon them. Now rioters are taking up the call to action by destroying people’s property and attacking the police officers who are trying to keep their community safe.

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