As New York commuters were heading into the city for work on Monday morning, an abandoned little girl at the bus terminal caught their attention. She was sitting alone until Port Authority cops arrived when she wandered up to them and whispered a chilling clue that led them to her mom’s sickening immigrant sex secret.

Passersby became concerned just after 10 a.m. when a 5-year-old girl was left unattended at the busy commuter station and alerted authorities to the alarming scene. Little did they know where that girl had just come from and how she ended up there. Making that simple call, based on what they saw, revealed something far more sinister going on.

According to the New York Post, when cops arrived, the child freely spoke to them about how she ended up in the terminal a long distance from her home. She explained that she had gotten on the bus with her father after leaving their new apartment home in Stamford, Connecticut, but when they arrived at the Port Authority bus terminal in New York, her dad, identified as Elmer Gomez Ruono, dumped her near a news stand and told her to stay there.

She did as she was told while her father disappeared into the massive city crowd and has yet to be found. Meanwhile, communicating in Spanish, she revealed where she was from. Although the family had just moved to Stamford from New Jersey the day before, the brave little girl was able to lead police to her new apartment. When they entered, they found her mom, a Guatemalan transplant to the states, dead of an apparent homicide as her corpse showed signs of a struggle.

Investigators are now not only searching for Ruono, as the main person of interest, but also a third party who seems to have been involved in this woman’s death, which police believe to be the result of a “love triangle gone bad.” The woman, in her 30’s, died during an apparent house party to celebrate their new Connecticut apartment, The Advocate reported.
Thankfully, this little girl was rescued by these officer heroes before being caught in more horror than she already endured. Much of the seediest parts of the circumstances surrounding this grisly crime are shady at this moment, but since this family had somewhat recently come to America from Guatemala, this instance serves as more reason for the need for tighter immigration laws and screening of each immigrant for potential criminals.