McDonald’s Employee Gets Fired After Cop Noticed What Was Hidden In His Cup


In Topeka, Kansas, a police officer was thirsty on the job and decided to order a soda at a McDonald’s drive-thru. Unfortunately, when he took a sip of his drink, he quickly noticed something was wrong and decided to glance inside his cup. However, he was left sickened when he saw what was hidden inside, and now the disgusting and disrespectful employee was fired.

The day after Thanksgiving, a police officer with the Topeka Police Department decided to get a Dr. Pepper at a local McDonald’s drive-thru. The officer, who has remained anonymous, received his drink and immediately took a sip, but instead tasting the soda, he was met with another nasty taste. As anyone would do, the officer then took off the lid of his cup and was disgusted by what the employee put in his drink – mustard.

It seems that the employee had an issue with police officers and decided to get a little bit of revenge by squirting mustard inside his drink. The worker likely never imagined that the officer would do anything about the secret surprise, but now that it’s been made public, there’s no doubt that they may regret their actions. According to a post on Kansas Going Blue’s Facebook page, the McDonald’s manager informed the officers that “this happened before with a Kansas Highway Patrol trooper.”

The mustard in the officer’s cup (Image Source: Kansas Going Blue)
The McDonald’s franchise owner, Tom Dobski, was “shocked by the isolated actions of a single employee,” according to Blue Lives Matter. However, he informed that the disrespectful employee “no longer works for the organization.” He continued, “All customers, including local law enforcement officers who protect and serve our communities, are always welcome at our restaurants. We proudly support police officers and all divisions of first responders at our restaurants across northeast Kansas.”

In addition to the former employee’s dismissal, the Topeka Police Department have opened a criminal investigation into the incident. They have already confirmed that the employee had previously placed mustard in a Kansas Highway Patrol officer’s drink, and now this particular individual may be facing further punishment.

Although some people may feel that it was “just mustard” in the officer’s cup, it could have easily been something more harmful. A food service worker should respect their customers and not tamper with their food. It’s a shame that anyone needs to worry about something in their beverage, especially law enforcement professionals, who put their lives on the line to protect people – including the former McDonald’s employee.



  1. In Canada, Mustard is considered an allergen. Maybe not in the US, but tampering with someone’s food and putting something in it that is unexpected could have grave consequences. I am disgusted that someone would do this just because the customer is an officer of the law. If anything, the officer deserves the upmost respect.