Neighbors Call Him Evil For Keeping Dog In Chains. 10 Years Later, Help Finally Arrives


It’s truly awful to think that there are actually people out there in the world who will go out of their way to hurt one of our furry animal friends.

So when a group of animal lovers noticed that their evil neighbor was keeping his dog on a chain all day, every day, they told him to stop — only, he refused. For 10 years, he refused to give his loving dog a blanket; a toy; a bone — anything. He didn’t even feed her enough food or water simply because it made him feel powerful.

The neighbors called everyone they could to try to get attention to the evil man and what he was doing to his dog, but it felt like no one was listening to their pleas for help. They could break into the man’s backyard and save the poor dog named Judas, but that could actually get them in trouble for trespassing or stealing.

Thankfully, AnimalAdvocates heard about the horrible situation and went straight to the scene. When they saw how horribly Judas was being treated, they simply took the chance and saved her from torture without a second thought.

After a nice warm bath and some love, they decided to rename Judas with a prettier name — Judith. They showered her with affection and gave her a full health screening and some nice food.

Eventually, they even found some loving humans who gave Judith a forever home that she truly deserved. She’s been taken camping, she sleeps inside, and her humans give her lots of love. It’s truly wonderful to know that this beautiful dog is finally happy.

While it’s heartbreaking to know that she was chained up for ten horrible years, in spite of the neighbor’s pleas, it’s great to know that good people will always outweigh the bad!

Warning: This video is hard to watch, but Judith comes out better in the end!

It should also be noted, that while people like you or me would walk over to this awful man and take the dog no matter what the legal consequences, we cannot judge his neighbors too much. We don’t know the whole story behind why they didn’t do this. The neighbor was obviously a cruel man, so perhaps they actually feared for their life. For years they tried to get this dog to safety, so we shouldn’t be too harsh nor judge them too harshly.

The only person to be truly angry at is the abusive dog owner!

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10 years on a chain. No blanket, toy, or bone. Often no food or water. Animal Advocates Society of BC first saw this abused and neglected dog at night, lying in the frozen mud in her own feces, being snowed and sleeted on. Neighbours said that her owners urinated on her from the porch. Several upset neighbours told AAS that they had phoned the British Columbia SPCA many times, for many years.

The BC SPCA did not seize this dog or charge the owner with cruelty even though it could have used the BC Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act ( to do so. It also could have used the Humane Treatment of Dogs Bylaws (, adopted in this municipality at Animal Advocates’ urging, to make the owners take better care of her.

What the SPCA would do for her was to take $50 to kill her. We were given Judith a day before her owners told us they were going to take Judith to the SPCA and take advantage of its “kill for cash” service, one of its sideline businesses.

At that time, the SPCA ignored hundreds of animals so abused that they were near death. But the SPCA did kill thousands of unwanted pets a year for another one of its lucrative sidelines businesses — pet-disposal contracts with municipalities all over BC. It’s a good thing the BC SPCA didn’t seize this dog, because they only would have killed her.

Finally Animal Advocates of BC was contacted by a distraught neighbour. We went straight to her; documented her misery and then rescued her out of her indignity and loneliness.

When we got her she was emaciated, dehydrated, and barely able to walk because of painful hips. Her coat was weighed down by clumps of caked mud. Her owners had named her “Judas”. We changed her name to Judith.

We cannot tell you this story without also telling you the happy ending that AAS guarantees every one of the dogs it rescues…

We found her a home with two very special people, who loved her dearly, and made her a member of their family, which is what every dog wants more than anything — more than food, water, and shelter. And when her old hips gave out, her family got her a cart and took her everywhere. She went camping, and to the lake, and chased squirrels in her cart. And when she died of old age, after eighteen months, she took with her all her memories of pure love, and warmth, and good food, and fun. And the time before didn’t count at all.