America’s police officers are under attack, which was proven again on Sunday morning when a thug who was pulled over after running a red light decided to assault the officer. But it’s what happened after the assault that caught him off guard.

Polk County Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Walsh, a Florida motorcycle officer, was on patrol at an intersection when Corey Johnson blew through a stop sign and nearly smashed into Walsh while he was sitting on his bike.

Walsh gave chase and, after a few miles, got the reckless driver to pull over. Johnson jumped out of the vehicle, slammed Walsh on the ground and launched a vicious physical assault on the deputy, which probably would have ended in tragedy if it weren’t for three heroes who were sick and tired of seeing police officers targeted by thugs.

George Cooper, Antonio Velazquez, and Christopher Carver all witnessed Johnson attack Walsh. Toward the end of the struggle, the thug even went for the deputy’s pistol, but the three brave men rushed Johnson with brute force and took him to the ground, where they held him until Walsh’s backup arrived to make the arrest.

What these anti-cop thugs haven’t taken into consideration is that the law-abiding public is sick and tired of America’s police officers being targeted, which is at least partly a result of the Black Lives Matter movement.

“I wasn’t going to let him beat that officer. Because hey, he is a man just like I am. He has children, he has a wife and a family. I want him to go home to his family like I go home to my family,” Cooper said (H/T Mad World News).

We salute these three courageous men for stepping in and doing the right thing. America needs more citizens just like them.

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  1. Thankyou too 3 wonderful guys and the officer I hope the sucker trash is in jail along time and gets to think alil while being raped everyday by his lovers in prison and I hope he gets his 10 fold in there quite picking on the wrong cops your choosing to pick the wrong cops are going too leave you with bad cops with worse weapons and a bigger reason to go after you idiots let the higher ups take care of what is and whats not your lil vigilante efforts and attacking the wrong cops is just major stupid !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!