Road Rager Gets NASTY Street Justice When He Sees What’s In Biker’s Hand


They say you can’t cure stupid, and an idiot with road rage just provided the perfect example of that. Unfortunately for him, it seems that he just learned what street justice was after picking on the wrong motorcyclist – and that’s about the time he was left horrified to see what was in the biker’s hand.

The incident took place in Texas along Route 82 – about 50 miles north of Dallas – where a motorcyclist believed to be named Jon Benjamin was just riding along. Minding his own business, he passed a blue minivan but would only realize the trouble he kicked up once it was too late.

According to Jon, the van had been swerving all over the road and must have taken offense to being passed. Before long, the van would speed up and pass only for Jon to watch as the passenger stuck his middle finger out of the window.

After exchanging pleasantries, the motorcyclist decided to pull up along side the van to see what was the matter – but this is where things go horribly wrong. As can be seen in the video, the idiot inside the van decided that the best way he could express his road rage would be to hurl a bottle of water at the biker.

Of course, it goes without saying how incredibly dangerous this was as Jon could have crashed or even fallen off of his moving motorcycle at the time. Sadly for the moron, things were far from over as Jon later pulled along the side of the road and picked up a nasty surprise meant for expedited delivery.

After following the van for about 20 minutes – which Jon says was coincidental because the two merely happened to be going the same direction – the motorcyclist finally decided to put his plan into action. Without warning, Jon brandished a rock while speeding by and hurled it in the road rager’s window, causing it to smash before speeding off.

However, Jon states that both parties later faced legal ramifications, but that doesn’t seem to be what everyone really cares about. It just goes to show that if you’re going to hide in a car and do something dangerous like this, you get every ounce of street justice that comes your way. Don’t be a coward. If you have a problem, be an adult and handle it in a way that won’t get anyone hurt in the end.