Single Mom Rents Motel Room For Homeless Man, Got More Than He Expected


In Massachusetts, a single mother of three spotted a homeless man in the parking lot of a convenience store. She stopped and asked him a question, then told him that she was going to put him up in a motel room. Once he was in for the night, she blasted his room number to the entire town on Facebook, sending droves of people to his door, when the desperate man realized what the woman was really up to.

Sofia Andrade (also known as Sofia Lorena on Facebook) was walking out of a gas station in the town of Wareham, when she spotted Glenn with his cardboard sign, sitting on the street corner. After what had just happened to the mother inside the store moments before walking out, she immediately confronted Glenn with a direct question. Given his answer, she knew exactly what needed to be done.

Struggling with her own circumstances while in the store, Sofia took her chances on the lotto to see if she could score a few bucks. Her single ticket was a winner, awarding her $200 instantly that she and her three kids could definitely use. But when she walked out with this unexpected gift, seeing Glenn sitting in the sub-zero temperatures, she realized that there was someone else who needed a leg up in life more than she did.

According to WCVB, she asked the elderly homeless man where he was planning on sleeping that night. With no plans or a place to go, Glenn simply told her that he didn’t know. She invited him for a cup of coffee. After he warmed up, she drove him to a local motel and paid for him to stay for two nights, using her lottery winnings on him, rather than herself. Glenn started sobbing at her kindness, not realizing what else she had in store for him.

After leaving him in his room that night, Sofia went home and posted who he was and what room number he was in, so that other people in the town could find him. She requested that if anyone had food, warm clothing, or anything that would help this man long-term, that they bring it to him there. Along with that, she began a GoFundMe page in his name for the cause of helping this man in their community get back on his feet. That effort has since raised over $8,000.

Thanks to Sofia’s thoughtful and caring heart, this man has been overwhelmed with love and supplies from the people of Wareham. He has more than he could imagine and a solid start to getting out of his once hopeless circumstances. Sofia was blessed with financial winnings that she immediately used to benefit a man with no other means to get out of his circumstances.

It’s often the case that those with the least to give are often the first to help others, because they genuinely understand the struggle. This mother is trying to provide for three on her own, but she saw the financial gift as a blessing to give away. She set an incredible example for her children, and everyone else in the community, of what a servant heart really looks like.