During the pregame National Anthem between the Indianapolis Colts and the Pittsburgh Steelers, the crowd was left stunned when a soldier and football star walked onto the field. However, it wasn’t their presence that left the onlookers stunned, but it was what was spotted in their hands that made a lasting impression and left the whole nation in awe.

Indianapolis Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri and his soldier brother, Beau Vinatieri, were both given the honor to be a part of the pregame National Anthem ceremony during the game between the Colts and the Steelers. However, what the crowd spotted in their hands is what truly left them stunned, and the whole nation was talking after the pair proudly held the American Flag together.

Although there are many liberal whiners across our country currently taking a stand seat or a knee after Colin Kaepernick’s disrespectful attitude and display during our National Anthem, it’s moments like this that remind the rest of us that there are still many people who have respect and pride for our country.

These two men represent everything that America is about. Not only are these two brothers who went in two completely different directions with their lives, but they both respect our flag and what it represents for our country. Although every American has a different path in life, we all have a choice as to how to show respect — either honor the flag like Adam or defend it like Beau.

It’s rather simple, we all call America our home and should want to do anything to protect it. Unfortunately, not every American sees it the same way. Seeing these brothers hold the flag side-by-side is truly inspiring and shows our children how true heroes act.