St. Louis Suspect Who Shot Officer In Face Gets Gunned Down By Heroes

St. Louis, Missouri – The St. Louis suspect wanted for the attempted assassination of a St. Louis officer on Sunday was killed in a gunfight with police when they located him early Monday.

Undercover officers located the suspect’s vehicle in a parking garage at Laclede’s Landing. A female picked up the suspect and drove him to the intersection of Smiley Ave and Leola Ave, where he noticed that he was being followed. The suspect exited the vehicle and opened fire on the officers. Unfortunately for this dirtbag, he wasn’t engaging in a cowardly ambush this time, and the heroic officers engaged him in a gunfight. Officers pursued the suspect in a running gunfight, and the officers were able to take him down.

The suspect’s identity has not yet been released. The female accomplice was taken into custody.

The suspect was originally wanted after pulling alongside an officer who was sitting in his patrol car at the intersection of Pernod and Hampton avenues at around 7:30 P.M. Sunday night. After pulling alongside the officer, the suspect opened fire, shooting the officer twice in the face.

The officer has miraculously survived and is in critical condition at Barnes Jewish Hospital.

Mayor Francis Slay announced at a press conference at the hospital, “He was targeted because he was a police officer. He didn’t stop anybody. He didn’t point a gun at anybody.”

The injured officer is a 46-year old male sergeant with 20 years of service. We wish for a full recovery for this injured hero.

This hero was one of four officers ambushed on Sunday. While we were able to stop this would-be assassin, more are still on the loose, including the killer of Detective Marconi.

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