Until our new leader with a backbone gets sworn into office in January and stops rioters in their destructive debauchery, these degenerates continue to flood the streets across the country, expecting to get away with it. However, anti-Trump protesters in Florida were in for a much-needed wake-up call when they marched past a group of about 100 Marines in a bar who didn’t appreciate what their stupid signs said.

True to the entitled mentality of liberals whose sensitivities have been spoon fed for eight years under the Obama administration, an adult-sized temper tantrum ensued to an extent that our country has never seen before when they didn’t get their way in this election. Approximately 150 of these idiots marched through a business district, shouting their rhetoric and waving stupid posters.

However, they walked right by a group of about 100 heroes who happened to be celebrating the Marine Corps’ 241st birthday. That’s when they realized the major error in their ridiculous message as these men and women who have defended their right to free speech had the perfect response ready for them.

“There were people with their signs yelling about fascism,” Johnny Gomes, who was in the Irish pub where the Marines were, told Marine Corps Times. “There were some yelling profanity. There were some yelling ‘Black Lives Matter;’ ‘Trump is not our president.’ So there was a big mix.”

As Gomes explained, the Marines didn’t like the hate that these liberal idiots were spewing and beat them at their own game by yelling back at the protesters and repeatedly shouting, “America!”

If anyone is qualified to counter this demonstration, it’s the brave men and women who have served our country and a leader who they may not have voted for but put their lives on the line anyway out of honor to their commitment to serve. It’s a huge contrast to these rioters who think they are “fighting” a good fight for freedom by being crybabies without a cause who simply can’t deal with the direction an election went in.