White NFL Star Sends Black Lives Matter Thugs Blunt Message On The Field



Although Indianapolis Colts long snapper Matt Overton has always had an appreciation for law enforcement, he decided to hit back against the anti-cop Black Lives Matter movement with a message of his own.
Fed up with entitled Black Lives Matter thugs using sporting events to denigrate our law enforcement and military, an Indianapolis Colts player realized that standing idly by is no longer an option. Instead, the professional athlete decided to send the privileged crybabies an unmistakable message that instantly left us in awe.

As the violent and divisive BLM movement sweeps the nation, millionaire athletes exploit the sports industry to advertise their hateful political agenda. Kneeling during the National Anthem and displaying the “Black Power” fist, the pampered celebrities scorn our service members even as they offer security at the sports venues. While these spoiled arm-chair activists pat themselves on the back for believing they’ve actually made a change for the good, there are those who quietly make much bolder statements that renew our faith in humanity.

Colts long snapper Matt Overton isn’t fooled by the selective outrage of the BLM campaign. In fact, instead of whining about a repeat offender being shot while resisting arrest or assaulting an officer, he recently chose to honor the real American heroes.

KCRA reports that during Thursday’s game against the Pittsburg Steelers, Overton walked out onto the field wearing blue cleats to honor a deputy who was recently killed in action. In front of millions of viewers, the Colts player proudly and silently displayed the message, “In memory of Deputy Dennis Wallace — EOW 11-13-16” in remembrance of the fallen officer from Hughson, California.


“I’m sending my thoughts & prayers back home to the family of fallen Deputy Dennis Wallace, of the Stanislaus County Sheriffs Department. I will wear these cleats on Thanksgiving night to honor Deputy Wallace & his family.

“Thank you to all the men & women of our law enforcement who wear that badge for all the right reasons & for the daily sacrifices you make for us. #ThinBlueLine #DeputyDennisWallace EOW 11-13-16” [Source:Facebook]
Wallace was shot twice in the head at point-blank range by car-jacker David Machado while inspecting a suspicious vehicle. Machado was later arrested and charged after trying to steal a woman’s purse.

While his cleats are a refreshing touch in the liberal world of sports, Overton isn’t a new face to law enforcement. The athlete often participates in ridealongs, collects donations, and even participates in some of the training of Indiana police departments, according to Blue Lives Matter.

Overton is also very outspoken on social media about his support of our men and women in blue. However, he continues to prove that he isn’t all talk. Earlier this year, he attended the funeral of fallen Howard County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Carl Koontz, who was shot and killed while serving the suspect arrest and search warrants.

Overton attended the funeral (left) of fallen Deputy Carl Koontz earlier this year. The Colts player says that when he was a kid (right), he always wanted to be a police officer like his dad.
This deep appreciation for law enforcement stems from his childhood, as Overton’s own father served on the force for 31 years before retiring as a Captain with the San Leandro Police Department. The desire to serve like his father was so strong that he even considered pursuing a job in law enforcement in 2011 when his football career was on a temporary decline.

“Football has worked out so far and I’m lucky to be here, but I’m also looking at life after football,” Overton said. “Being a cop is in my family’s blood. My dad was a cop and he just retired this year. He did 31 years in law enforcement, so basically my entire life he’s been a cop. It’s a passion of mine.”

Although Overton would undoubtedly make a stellar police officer, it seems that he’s able to still assist them in the stadiums. Refusing to let his success get to his head, Overton has proven that he hasn’t forgotten his upbringing and understands the weight of the sacrifice so many officers pledge on a daily basis.

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