Brat Screams At Grandpa In Mall, SHOCKS Onlookers With What’s In Her Hands


A video is going viral across social media after an entitled brat had a break down in her local mall and began screaming at her own grandfather. Unfortunately for her, things would only get worse as onlookers saw what was in her hands — and it left a great many people absolutely shocked.

The entitlement mentality is wreaking havoc on the world and a recent girl is proving just that after she was caught on video. As explained in the caption accompanying the clip, a man was standing in line at the food court at a Canadian mall when the girl in front of him caught his attention.

Of course, this was for the simple fact that she was screaming, but it only got worse as the onlooker realized that she was shouting at her own grandfather. Come to find out, the almost fully-grown girl was about to miss her iPhone appointment, and she was absolutely freaking out.
At one point she even broke down in tears over the matter as many become absolutely shocked to see what’s in her hands. As seen in the clip, the girl’s phone is clearly working since she’s using it to check the time of her scheduled appointment, leaving many wondering why she would treat anyone – let alone her grandfather – like this.

Young Conservatives also points out the sad reality in which the grandpa merely takes it before bending to the will of the “(probable) Bernie supporter,” handing her cash as she so commands him to do. It’s a sad day to see adults being treated like this, but for them to do as is demanded of them by a tantrum-throwing child, well, that’s indicative of a larger problem.

(Source: Live Leak)
Clearly, this punk has been given everything she wants in life and thinks that by throwing a hissy-fit, she can continue in that fashion. Unfortunately for her, that gravy train eventually comes to and end, and seeing how old she looks, it’s about to pull into the station soon, where she will be booted off and force to enter reality.

There are too many snowflakes out there, thinking that they “deserve” something that they clearly don’t. Mental note for anyone thinking that this is acceptable – it’s not. That girl could greatly benefit from being told “no” once in a while before she ventures out in the real world and finds out things aren’t all gumdrops and rainbows.



  1. I’m a bernie supporter but she still needs her butt kicked treating her father or grandfather like that she needs meds or a good behind closed doors !!! If my child ever really and my child does deserve help cause some dont fit in the norm thats why social security is there too help those that are disabled but a psychitrist knows the ones that are acting out grown temper tantrum young adults or ones that need help I’m not juding this one cause it could go either way !! but not my kid !!! the parent or grandparent would know more about it than we do !!!