Cops Spot Woman’s Odd Tattoo, SHOCKED By One Place They Saw It Before


While looking through photos, a few police officers were rather perplexed after seeing a woman’s tattoo. Unfortunately, things would soon take a turn when they realized the one place they saw it before – and that’s when the shock set in.

Lucy Wolfe made headlines back in May of 2015 after shedding half her weight and being featured in a Daily Mail article. Unfortunately for the once proud woman, her photo can once again be seen on the website – but not for reasons she necessarily would like.

Lucy Wolfe before (left) and after losing weight (right)
Although the woman’s former weight issues resulted in her being diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, which can cause infertility, that’s not the only thing that will keep her from being around children. According to reports, Wolfe managed to land herself in a heap of trouble after her dirty little deed came out in the open.

When police received a tip about pornographic images of a child online, they began trying to get to the bottom of things. After hiring a specialist to identify who was behind the photo, the man got to work using biometric analysis and was able to get officers an answer.

The tattoo that helped to catch Lucy Wolfe when police saw it in pornographic images of children
Before long, Wolfe and her boyfriend, Damion Gaul, were brought in for questioning and initially denied all the charges. However, as soon as officers saw the tattoo on Wolfe’s hand – which was also featured in a few of the pornographic images – the couple immediately changed their tune and entered a guilty plea.

At Chichester Crown Court, Wolfe admitted to multiple sexual offenses. She pleaded guilty to taking indecent images of a child, engaging in sexual activity in the presence of a child and sexual assault by penetration of a child.

Her boyfriend admitted to four offenses, including Wolfe’s three and failing to comply with the requirements of a Registered Sexual Offender order. [Source: IJ Review]

Wolfe was sentenced to 10 years in prison, and Gaul is set to spend every last one of his days behind bars. When Wolfe does get out, she will be released under a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO), which severely restricts her access to children and computers.

Lucy Wolfe (left), Damion Gaul (right)
The severity of the charges just goes to show how disgusting, dangerous, and vile these subhuman monsters really are. Although they’ll be exactly where they deserve to be for quite some time, it’s a shame to hear that this woman will get out of prison after what she did to those innocent children.

Then again, I hear those who target children get it the worst in prison. Maybe she’ll get to experience what it’s like to be the victim. My guess is that will give her a little perspective.