Dentist’s Office Posted Truthful Sign In Parking Lot, BLM Will Hate This One


Sitting in the parking lot of a dentist’s office in Jackson, Ohio, a passerby took notice of quite the unusual sign, which said something they had never seen before. Stunned by the message, they decided to snap a pic and post it to social media, where it’s quickly gaining a lot of attention. After you read it, it’s easy to see why.

Dental Health Partners (Source: Holzer)
One onlooker made quite the stunning discovery sitting in the parking lot of Dental Health Partners in Jackson, Ohio. Instead of keeping the find to himself, he instead decided to share it with the Facebook page Ohio Going Blue – and it has now gone viral.

Outside the dentist’s office is a sign in the parking lot that reads, “Super Hero parking only. Veterans, Milt, Police, Fire, Ems” — a rare tribute to a deserving group of people.

The Sign (Source: Ohio Going Blue)
Once the sign was posted to social media, people were absolutely thrilled with the sentiment. “Need those at every business,” one commenter stated, while another added, “Now that is awesome!”

However, it was another commenter who hit the nail on the head when they wrote, “What makes that group of people so great though is they probably wouldn’t park there, they would give it up for the less fortunate.” He’s right – they probably wouldn’t park there because that’s the kind of people they are.

Regardless of the risks these men and women have taken for the citizens of our country, they still get less respect than they deserve. As a result of recent events in our nation, certain people have taken note of the disrespect and have personally made it their mission to prove to these brave individuals that there are people who are thankful for their sacrifices. If you think they deserve more respect than they’ve been given, now is the time to prove it.