ISIS Releases Horrifying New Video With Graphic Christmastime Warning To US


After 8 years of Barack Obama appeasing radical Islam and making excuses for Muslim terrorists, this is where we are. The Islamic State roams rampant, destroying lives with unspeakable acts of terror while feeling emboldened by our pathetic president’s notorious weakness. Now, ISIS has released a terrifying Christmastime warning to the United States just days ahead of one of our most important Christian holidays.

Human Rights Watch said on Wednesday that the group is now “indiscriminately” attacking civilians who refuse to retreat along with the jihadists in the Iraqi city of Mosul, and the horrifying footage, with dozens killed, is difficult for many to watch:

In the new propaganda video broadcast to ISIS media outlets on December 20, the world’s most brutal terror organization shows various suicide bombings in the desert countryside, in an attempt to claim they are not losing power in Iraq.

This, despite a report by IHS Conflict Monitor in October 2016, which said the jihadists had lost about 16 percent of the land they held at the beginning of the year. Iraqi forces launched a massive operation to retake the last ISIS-held city in Iraq more than two months ago and have pushed the jihadists out of several neighborhoods on Mosul’s eastern side.

Car bomb attacks take place in the new propaganda video in compounds and on highways.

The footage was filmed with a drone in the desert countryside, though the exact location is unknown.

A car drives into a compound and people are seen fleeing before it explodes.
Although ISIS may be on the defensive now in Iraq and Syria, there is a new threat which experts are warning about: As thousands of foreign volunteer fighters return home from war-torn areas, they could pose a serious issue in their home countries.

MailOnline reported:

Western authorities estimate some 25,000 to 30,000 fighters drawn by the call to jihad have thronged to the IS group’s self-proclaimed ‘caliphate’ in recent years.

While some have died and others continue to wage war, a substantial number are returning to their home countries as IS loses ground under an onslaught by the US-led international coalition.
Albert Ford of the New America thinktank reiterated this, telling AFP, “The flow of foreign fighters from western countries has fallen from 2,000 to about nothing a month. But that’s only half the issue: What do you do about the 25,000 or 30,000 people that are in Syria or have been there that now want to go back? It’s an issue that’s not going to go away.”

A jihadi smiles at the camera before heading out to blow himself up.

ISIS’ new video was shot with a drone, though the exact location where is was filmed is unknown. Donald Trump has been widely criticized for his campaign promise to employ “extreme vetting” when it comes to the Muslims entering the United States, if not a complete moratorium on Muslim immigration altogether. Reports like this one put his projected policies in perspective, especially for all of the bleeding-heart liberals so “offended” by them. It may make you uncomfortable to suspend immigration for awhile, but trust me, it will be far worse if American lives are lost because we did nothing.