Man About To Rape Little Girl Gets Nasty Surprise He Didn’t See Coming

26-Year-old Raeshawn Perez (inset), Abandoned home where Perez was found with the little girl.
While playing outside her house on Saturday afternoon in Wichita Falls, Texas, a man approached a little girl and then took off with her to the back of a vacant house. Right as he was about the rape the 7-year-old child, he was met with an incredibly perfect dose of karma that he definitely didn’t see coming.

Thinking she was safe outside her home since she was playing just feet from her front door, the little girl was snatched in broad daylight by Raeshawn Perez, who she had never seen before. Her abductor must have been watching her and waited for the right opportunity to grab her and take off on foot around the corner before the girl could get a word out. Once he got her to a house that he knew was vacant, he was about to rape her when he got a nasty surprise that instantly spoiled his plans.

Perez seemingly thought he was well out of sight to do whatever he wanted, without realizing he had been followed there by the most unsuspecting person who saw what he did. Little 11-year-old TJ Smith was also outside at the time and saw the man grab the neighbor girl. Initially, he thought the man may have been a family member, but as he followed them to where Perez was taking her, TJ realized that clearly wasn’t the case.

The brave little boy chased them down the street and grabbed an adult neighbor, James Ware, to help him along the way. As Ware ran back into his house to grab his keys, TJ kept following Perez and directed Ware, telling him where to go when he returned to help with another adult. When the two men and little boy arrived, Perez had picked up the girl and was about to shove her through a window when the heroes tackled the rapist to the ground, Times Record News reported.

Heroes: 11-Yr-Old TJ Smith (left), James Ware (right)
When police arrived and arrested the 26-year-old pervert, Perez admitted that his plans were to have sex with the girl but he was stopped by the little boy, who he didn’t know was there until he showed up with the two adults. Perez was booked into jail and charged with aggravated kidnapping, according to KPLR. Meanwhile, TJ is being recognized for his heroism in saving this little girl.

It was because of his awareness and willingness to step in and stop a monster from ruining this child’s life that the 7-year-old was spared from a brutal rape that she may not have ever been able to recover from. At just 11-years-old, TJ set an example for people two and three times older than him, proving that when we watch out for our neighbors, our communities are better because of it. Bravo to this boy and the incredible parents who raised him right.