Officer Takes Out Shooter & Saves Teens’ Lives At Party — Fired For Sick Reason


Dan Anderson, a 25-year veteran officer, was fired after he rushed to the aid of fellow officers and innocent teens during a shooting.
When a 25-year veteran police officer got a call about a thug armed with an AR-15, shooting a group of teens at a house party, he wasted no time storming the scene and taking down the active shooter, saving many lives in the process. However, as soon as he returned to the police department, the local hero was immediately greeted with a letter of termination.

As leftist America rages against our law enforcement, our men and women in blue arrive at work each day knowing it could be their last. Still, they selflessly serve the communities that hate them for nothing more than their career path. Unfortunately, regulations by desperate departments haven’t made it any easier for our public servants to protect us, themselves, or even each other.

When Brier Police Officer Dan Anderson heard officers’ cries for help over his radio on July 30, he knew he had to respond quickly to a nearby suburban home in Mukilteo, Washington. Although it wasn’t under his jurisdiction, he felt a responsibility to his fellow officers and the innocent teens they were attempting to save.

According to Blue Lives Matter, Anderson rushed to the scene to find Allen Ivanov, 19, shooting at friends and classmates with an AR-15. Upset at Anna Bui, 19, over their breakup, Ivanov shot and killed his ex-girlfriend and 2 of their peers, Jordan Ebner and Jacob Long. After 18-year-old survivor Will Kramer was shot, Anderson arrived and took action.

As one of the first officials on the scene, the 25-year law enforcement veteran assisted his fellow officers in making entry to the home and taking Ivanov into custody before he could murder another victim. However, instead of gratitude for saving the teens’ lives, Anderson returned to find that Brier Police Chief Mike Catlett was so upset that Anderson left his patrol area that he fired him, KIRO-7 reports.