Photo Of Cop Goes Viral When People See What Else Is There On Closer Look


Officer spotted in Circleville, Ohio (left), Tyler Russell (right)
A man passing through a mostly vacant parking lot in Circleville, Ohio, spotted a police officer outside of his patrol car. As he got closer to the cop, he stopped and quickly snapped a photo, which has since gone viral after shocked people saw what else it caught on closer look.

Tyler Russell was using the back side of the Walmart parking lot as a shortcut to get where he was going when he happened upon the police officer. He could see the cop was from a different county than the one he was currently in, and while that wasn’t unusual, what he wrote in his post with this photo about this moment, as he sat and watched, caught viewers completely off guard.

Hoping to get his message out and reach the deputy in the picture, Russel sent the image and his message to the Ohio Going Blue Facebook page. He began by saying, “To the sheriff deputy outside messing with his cruiser, what you didn’t know was I sat in this parking spot…” The onlooker watched without the cop knowing since his back was toward him and Russell kept a good distance on purpose. The civilian explained that while the cop didn’t realize he was there, he also didn’t know that Russell had a gun in his car.

“I sat in this parking spot watching over you, watching your back, I got your 6,” Russell explained in his open message to this deputy. “What else you didn’t know was that I got a CCW and I will protect your life if it comes down to it,” he added.

The officer was on duty alone, or so he thought since he didn’t know there was a good guy with a gun there as backup in a moment’s notice in case a bad guy with a gun might attempt to take him down.

“You’re not on your own out here. Stay safe sir,” Russell said in closing, sharing a sentiment than many of us who legally carry a weapon with us wherever we go can relate to, and criminals need to beware.

Barack Obama has allowed there to be an open season on police officers in the name of justice for thugs and his support of the Black Lives Matter movement. That’s all coming to an end after President-elect Donald Trump is sworn in and gives power back to the police and supports responsible gun owners’ right to protect themselves.