Strange Activity At Woman’s House Leads Cops To Her Horrid Living Room Box


18-year-old Patricia Meeks
When neighbors started noticing strange behavior from one woman’s home in the area, they became concerned and called the police. A number of adults were seen coming and going from the seemingly average home, but it wasn’t until cops showed up that everyone on the street discovered the use for a plywood box in her living room, which was a first for even the most seasoned members of the force.

Officers with the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department in Indiana weren’t sure what they were going to find inside an otherwise unassuming suburban home when they obtained a search warrant to enter. They had heard that a group of adults was alway congregated there and something seemed amiss, but they definitely didn’t expect to see what they did when they opened the locked lid on a big box at the residence where 18-year-old Patricia Meeks lived with two other disgusting adults.

Early Wednesday morning, police entered the home in the town of North Judson when Meeks, along with 42-year-old Donna Short and 25-year-old Christopher Short, wasn’t expecting them. Upon entry, cops saw the locked box in the living room and cracked it open where they discovered a 3-year-old little girl trapped inside. The child had been badly neglected and kept in there daily, despite a total of nine adults, spread among the house, camper, and a car on the property, who knew about it.

Plywood Box 3-yr-old girl was kept in for hours at at time
The filthy and starving little girl was released from her trap, along with five other children found in the home, presumably all belonging to the assortment of squatters there. The Shorts and Meeks were arrested and charged with felony neglect of a dependent, and the other six adults, who knew about the abuse and did nothing, were charged with failure to report child abuse and were taken to jail, WSBT reported.

All six of the kids were put in the custody of the Pulaski County Indiana Department of Child Services after months, if not years, of enduring this hell. It’s unclear why just the three-year-old was locked up and the others weren’t, but it’s fair to say that the adults in her life were sadistic and didn’t want to deal with her.

The ones who knew about this neglect day in and day out should be charged with more than just failure to report since by them not doing anything to get this girl help, they contributed to the abuse and are just as sick as the three who locked her in there.

h/t: [Fox59]