JONESBORO — The Clayton County Police Department is searching for answers after officers with the Animal Control Unit found two dogs starving and seemingly abandoned at a Morrow home.

On Friday, animal control officers responded to a home in the 5700 block of Denson Boulevard in response to an eviction call, unit commander Capt. Anthony Thuman said in a press conference Monday. They discovered two adult pit bulls chained outside in a condition Thuman called “horrific” and “disturbing.”

“One of the animals that was located was extremely emaciated and in dire need of emergency treatment,” Thuman said. Both animals were transported to Clayton County Animal Control.

“Unfortunately, due to the condition of the animal, it did not survive long enough for treatment,” Thuman said of the white pit bull, who has since been given the name Peace after her story was circulated on social media.

The second dog, a white pit bull with black spots, is in the care of animal control and is malnourished but is doing well, he said.

An investigation revealed the dogs had been chained and alone outside the Morrow rental home for about a month, Thuman said. When officers arrived Friday, they could not locate any food left for the animals.

“This is a horrific case,” Thuman said. “This is a disturbing case to me and every member of my staff. Anytime you see an animal that is literally starving to death, it can’t help but tug at your heartstrings.”

Clayton County Police have identified Matthew Darnell Jeffries as the home’s most recent tenant and are looking to speak with him in regard to the case, though he is not a suspect at this time. However, Thuman said his unit is looking for answers and intends to bring multiple charges of animal cruelty against those responsible.

“I want everyone to know that this case has been given the highest priority,” he said. “The Clayton County Police Department Animal Control Unit remains dedicated to a thorough investigation of all allegations of animal cruelty here in the county.”

Anyone with information regarding Jeffries or the dogs is asked to call the unit at 770-477-3509 or Detective Conwell at 678-524-8231.