13-Year-Old Boy Says Heartbreaking Goodbye To His Fallen Father


Officer Doug Barney had been working for the police for over 18 years of his life. The longtime veteran took his job very seriously, and along with his beautiful family and friends, this man was a proud cancer survivor.

Doug’s wife had worked as an emergency dispatcher, and that work experience has always stayed with her. This group of men and women are a tight-knit family, and when one falls in the line of duty, they all feel the loss in their souls.

These brave officers risk their lives every single day in order to make their community a better and safer place. While the national anti-cop sentiment seems to be increasing, these officers suit up every day, knowing very well that this may be the last day of their life.

So when Doug was shot and killed by a man who fled the scene of a car wreck, the whole community felt the loss of this cop. Hundreds attended his funeral, and whether they knew him personally or not, they knew him in their hearts and souls.

When the ceremony had finished, and the hundreds of members of the crowd began to filter out, Doug’s 13-year-old son, Jack, slowly approached his father’s casket. He touched it and eventually put his head down up against the American flag.

This brave young man had to say goodbye to his hero today, so please keep him, his family, and police everywhere in your thoughts and prayers.

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