When a five-year-old girl was reported missing in Ohio, police took the claim seriously. They got to work trying to find the little girl. She was reportedly last seen by her parents at about 5pm on Monday and her mother called the police at 9pm to report her missing.

By less than 24 hours later, the body of the five-year-old Ashley Zhao was found at Ang’s Asian Cuisine in North Canton, Ohio.

Based on evidence, police think that the girl’s mother, Mingming Chen, punched her repeatedly in the head before Liang J. Zhao found his little girl dead on the ground. Now Ashley’s mother is being charged with murder and her father with conspiracy charges.

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When her father Zhao found her, Ashley had a green liquid dripping from her mouth. He was disturbed so he tried to wash it off. But that’s when he realized she wasn’t breathing…

The father then performed CPR on his deceased daughter but failed to revive her, the Stark County Sheriff’s Department reports.

Because the girl’s father then went along with the mother’s plot, he has been charged with complicity to commit felonious assault and complicity to murder. The girl’s diabolical mother has been charged with murder and felonious assault.

The five-year-old was reported missing the night before her corpse was found in the Chinese restaurant. Officials launched a search for Ashley hours later and believed she had wandered out of the parents’ restaurant.

Police dogs scoured the nearby wooded areas. Locals who loved little Ashley also helped look for the “missing” girl.

But officials were too smart to overlook the restaurant. When they entered it, they found the girl’s corpse “concealed” in the restaurant. This discovery was made after a statewide endangered child advisory was issued.

More than 70 police officers came out to find the five-year-old girl.

Local Douglas Panzarello, who works across the street from the family’s Asian restaurant and eats there frequently, called Ashley a very special little girl.

“A lot of 5 year olds are shy. She’s very vocal, she’s not afraid to talk to you,” he said.

Another regular customer, Marty Shomali, agreed with Panzarello’s description.

“She’s the sweetest little thing! I loved her so much. Every time I picked up food she was behind the counter and would talk to me,” Shomali said.

Ashley’s death is being investigated not only by the Jackson Township Police Department, but the FBI and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation. The Stark County Coroner’s Office is complying with the law enforcement agencies.

Community members, friends, and total strangers rushed to help find the missing girl. When the truth was revealed, they were distraught. They never thought that the girl’s parents could be murders.

In the video report below, you’ll hear from a number of locals who helped with the missing child search. They cannot believe that she was killed and “concealed” in the Asian restaurant.

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