Agent Who Wouldn’t Take Bullet For Trump Gets WORST News Of Her Life


Kerry O’Grady (left) just got the worst news of her life after publicly saying that she would rather “go to jail” than “take a bullet” for Donald Trump (right).
A Secret Service agent was in for a bit more than she bargained for after claiming, on social media, that she wouldn’t take a bullet for President Donald Trump. As it turns out, the woman just got the worst news of her life days later – and it’s downright delectable.

Of course, it wasn’t long before people all across America were calling for the woman to be fired. Now, it seems that O’Grady got the worst news of her career after her employer found out and decided to do something about it.

Kerry O’Grady
According to reports, The premier association for former U.S. Secret Service agents decided to expel O’Grady – but that’s not even the best part:

n an emailed notice to all of its members on Wednesday, the organization said its Board of Directors had decided to expel O’Grady from its membership. The Board of Directors vote to expel her was unanimous, the email said.

“By 12:00N January 25, 2017, a motion was made by me and seconded and given to the Board of Directors to address the expulsion of Associate Member O’Grady …” Jan Gilhooly, president of AFAUSSS, wrote in the email sent to all members. “[O’Grady] engaged in conduct deemed by a majority of the Board to be detrimental to the Association of the U.S. Secret Service …” [Source: Washington Examiner]
Of course, there is some confusion as to what exactly the word “expel” means in this instance, but either way, she’s currently not on duty. Although it’s a good thing that her superiors decided to immediately send her home, they need to make an example of her by terminating her completely.

Kerry O’Grady
Insubordinance, especially in a position as important as hers, is inexcusable and unacceptable. Furthermore, the Secret Service needs to make it clear to all other employees that their job is to protect whoever it is in the position regardless of political affiliation.

Fortunately, it looks like they’re already leaning toward letting her go for good – which is exactly what this treasonous piece of garbage deserves. Heck, maybe they can even throw in a few criminal charges for breaking the law just for good measure. After all, she did earn them.