BREAKING: Preliminary Report Second Shooter Opening Fire At Fort Lauderdale Parking Garage


There is a terrorist attack with the situation unfolding at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport.

UPDATE: Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Terrorist Attack

Fort Lauderdale – Five people are confirmed dead and another hospitalized in a mass shooting at the Fort Lauderdale-Holywood airport. The suspect was taken into custody and was believed to have been acting alone, now we are receiving preliminary reports of a second possible shooter in the parking garage area. The second possible shooter is being widely reported but we have not been able to confirm this information at this time. There is definitely a heavy police presence flooding the parking garage.

Witnesses describe a suspect who entered the baggage claim area and opened fire on everybody. It was initially unknown if the shooting was the result of a dispute or a terrorist attack. Based on the preliminary descriptions coming in, it appears to be a terrorist attack.

It’s still unknown if there is actually a second shooter or if the suspect acted alone.

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