Deputies Pull Parents Over, Notice Terrible Smell Coming From Under Baby’s Blanket In Back Seat


There have been some wild stories involving the welfare and well-being of innocent babies, like this stranger who broke into this house and claimed the toddler was his.

It is absolutely disturbing that someone could possibly put a little baby in this particular situation.

Authorities in Hall County, GA, say that a couple, 38-year-old Russell Passmore and 27-year-old Megan Stone, were pulled over this week while driving on Clarks Bridge Road.

They say that when deputies pulled them over, they noticed their four-month-old baby in the back seat, covered by a blanket and a diaper bag.

Shockingly, authorities say that upon further investigation, the deputies found about $20,000 worth of drugs and drug paraphernalia, hidden under the blanket and inside the diaper bag that covered the poor baby.

“The odor was very strong, and having worked drugs for a long time, I know it can give adults bad headaches, so I can only imagine the risks that were posed to a four-month-old child,” said Lieutenant Scott Ware with the Hall County Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad.

Luckily, officers arrived to the scene when they did, and the baby was rushed to the hospital, after Passmore and Stone were arrested.

Thankfully, the baby proved to be completely healthy. The couple has since been arrested and is facing a number of charges.

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