Donald Trump’s Bodyguard Has Fake Arms For This Reason


After yesterday’s presidential inauguration, many members of the military and law enforcement community noticed something very unusual about one of Trump’s bodyguards. The secret service agent, who happens to bear an uncanny resemblance to Hitman Agent 47, seemed to have very stiff arms that were in an unusual resting position.

Upon further review of video and images, they noticed his hands stayed in that exact same position for hours.

The conclusion they reached, was that he did indeed have tactical fake arms. Take a look at the video and you can even see how they remain unusually still while he’s walking:

The reason they believe he had fake arms was so he could conceal a fully automatic rifle in the ready position under his coat. Many members of the military community speculated it was likely a FN-P90 rifle.

Even though he’s wearing a suit, this guy surely would have made our list for 16 of the world’s most dangerous special forces.

Sorry if video can’t open,maybe they deleted it.