Entitled Brat Slaps Cop In The Face, Gets Hit Back With Something Better


During a big brawl in Philly, approximately three dozen people tried to take on police officers who were attempting to restore the peace in the street when one entitled brat thought she could slap a lady cop in the face. She learned the hard way that not only did she pick the wrong cop to mess with, she got a long overdue dose of discipline she never saw coming.

As we reported earlier this week, an approximately 30-person mob of hoodrats flooded into a suburban street and started to work their grievances out with each other in the only way they know how — beating on one another and breaking things. Terrified residents in the area flooded Philadelphia police with phone calls for help, and they immediately showed up but were outnumbered, until one fed-up female cop had enough and responded to the force used on her with an appropriate way that the girl never saw coming. However, now the city just showed whose life they care about more with a sick hit to the gut for the cop who did exactly as she should have.

Footage of the nonsensical rioting was captured by a shocked onlooker who first saw the brat, Johnnae Pendleton, running her mouth at the female cop who was attempting to get her under control and was eventually aggressively grabbed by Pendleton for it. Since the girl posed as an obvious threat to her first and showed no signs of stopping, the cop fought back with necessary force when she knocked Pendleton to the ground and repeatedly slapped her until she shut up.

According to Blue Lives Matter, both the officer and the suspect truthfully explained the situation exactly how it happened which also resulted in charges on Pendleton for an attempt to physically control police officers. After she had some time to think about what happened that afternoon, brought on by her own decisions, she didn’t resolve to make better choices in the future — she made it worse. Hours later, she realized that this was an opportunity to be the next martyr for the Black Lives Matter movement — and won.

“Johnnae Pendleton has made numerous complaints since of pain and states that she shouldn’t have been ‘roughed up’ for attacking a police officer. Black Lives Matter activists have joined the commentary with claims of police brutality of course in favor of Pendleton,” Blue Lives Matter’s report read on the incident. Her case went before Police Commissioner Richard Ross who called the situation “ugly” but decided to act in Pendleton’s favor, presumably under BLM pressure.

All charges against Pendleton have been dropped in a horrific decision that now puts officers at greater risk since it sends a message to other thugs that it’s okay to beat on police. The suspect and her supporters are laughing with vindication since this is exactly what fuels their “movement” and allows these violent racists to thrive.