Explosives, Feces, Bottles Full Of Nails Thrown, Multiple Cops Hospitalized


Washington DC Inauguration Riots Escalating

Washington DC – Our police sources on the ground at the Washington DC inauguration riots are reporting back to us that the situation is escalating with more cops getting hurt.

The Washington DC inauguration rioters are throwing explosives, feces, bottles full of nails, and bricks at police officers. At least one patrol car has been flipped and set on fire. Several officers have been injured in the attacks and have been transported to the hospital.

Around 100 people have been arrested so far in the riots but there are hundreds of more violent rioters who continue to attack police officers and have lashed out violently at any perceived Trump supporters.

The incident started to escalate earlier when rioters began attacking officers and smashing everything in sight. Police surrounded a group of about 100 rioters and arrested them, and the remaining rioters escalated their attacks against police. Officers responded with countermeasures to disperse the crowd and the rioters have grown increasingly violent.