Internet ERUPTS Over NEW Disturbing Video Of Thug Who Tortured White Boy


A day after liberal CNN anchor Don Lemon excused the disturbing video of four black teens torturing a mentally-handicapped white boy as nothing more than a case of “bad home training,” new, graphic, and disturbing footage emerged which proves that at least one of the suspects has a history of making violent and racially-charged threats. It’ll sure be interesting to see how Lemon explains this one.

The newly-surfaced video was originally posted to YouTube on October 22 and shows 18-year-old Tasfeye Cooper pointing a gun directly at the camera, at one point saying, “BOOM, put a bullet in your white skull,” according to Western Journalism. Cooper, along with 18-year-old Jordan Hill, 18-year-old Brittany Covington, and 24-year-old Tanishia Covington, has been charged with committing a hate crime, aggravated kidnapping, and aggravated battery.

Portraying the immense difference between the monsters who perpetrated the heinous hate crime that was live-streamed on Facebook and the victim’s own family, his brother-in-law David Boyd addressed the media and asked for prayers for “everyone involved,” even the suspects who tortured his family member.

Though Don Lemon has received massive amounts of backlash for his disgusting defense of the suspects, he was not alone in his disturbing views. A column published by The Washington Post on Thursday implied that the true travesty would be to encourage Trump supporters to think the worst of America’s criminals, not the initial torture of a mentally ill white teen by a bunch of black thugs. The piece, titled “Pro-Trump narratives converge in one awful attack streamed on Facebook,” seemed to blame the hate crime on the well-earned support the president-elect has received.

It remains to be seen how the left will address the new footage of Tasfeye Cooper and whether they will employ their usual excuses. Meanwhile, we all know that if the tables were turned, if a gang of white teens had tortured a mentally ill black boy, there would be riots in the streets. Buildings would be burned to the ground, businesses would be looted, and there would be civil unrest.

But, this victim is just a white boy. This is just some well-deserved revenge for past injustices done to blacks. This is all the fault of white privilege. This is just kids being kids. I rest my case.