Mob Kidnaps Women For SICK Use, Leaves Cops Shocked With Nasty Reason


Suburban Extended Stay Hotel in Castleton, IN. Inset Left to Right: Anthony Fort, Myia Kilgore, Korey Reaves
A pack of three thugs conspired on a plan of action with a very specific purpose in mind for taking two young women and putting them to use in a way that left even the most seasoned officers in Indiana absolutely stunned. After cops busted in and found out what they were up to, the deplorable rats made it worse with the nasty reason given for doing what they did.

A young woman who was staying at the Suburban Extended Stay Hotel in the town of Castleton, which 16-year-old Korey Reaves saw as the perfect opportunity for something he heard that he should do. Reaves caught up with the girl after she went to the nearby mall and began flirting with her when she took the bait and invited him back to her temporary living situation that quickly became her hell along with one other woman who tried to help her.

Although it was a bad decision, the initial victim didn’t realize just how awful it was about to get when Reaves showed up with 19-year-old Anthony Fort who “shoved and pushed and fought their way to get inside” as she “screamed and yelled,” the 17-year-old victim told police, according to Fox59. After forcing her to strip down naked, he demanded money and sex acts, before making it much worse.

Since the victim had made such a ruckus, a security guard showed up to see what was going on, who was, unfortunately, a female. The pair of thugs pulled that woman inside and proceeded to make their two kidnapped victims perform sex acts for hours until the animals felt satisfied and decided it was time to take them to the ATM and force more out of them, but there was a police officer in the parking lot who was about to put an unexpected stop to that plan.

The rapist kidnappers were using a stolen car to cart their victims around in, which put them on the officer’s radar and resulted in them being pulled over. With the victims in the car at the time of the stop, authorities soon found out what had taken place up until this point, and when questioned on it, Reaves said that he did this because his daughter is sick. Evidently, in a thug’s mind, the natural response to a stressful health crisis is to repeatedly rape captives and take all their money.

After the pair were brought into custody, they tried to remedy what they did by penning apology notes to their victims which only offered more disturbing justification for their crimes. Reaves said in his note that he “often hears voices in his head that forces and compels him to make very bad decisions and choices.” Later, a third participant, 18-year-old Myia Kilgore, turned herself in, admitting that she acted as the getaway driver in this sickening incident.

who are completely void of a conscience and therefore have no place in society. They can’t or won’t control themselves around people and only offer sick excuses for what they did and expect people to just accept it. It’s time to lock them up and force them to be a cellmates victim for months on end.