Punks Horrified By Nasty Surprise Cops Had Waiting As They Blocked Road


A few anti-Trump punks (left) were horrified by the nasty surprise police (right) had waiting for them when they tried to block a road in protest.
After deciding to block traffic in order to protest, a few entitled brats walked out into the street and merely stood there. Unfortunately for them, they were later left horrified by the nasty surprise that cops had waiting for them – and that’s when the screaming began.

According to reports, an anti-Trump group decided to hit the streets of Portland, Oregon. Aiming to stop traffic in protest of their new president, the group took into account all but one thing – and what was about to happen, proved they probably should have given their “protest” a little more thought.

All caught on video, as the protesters were blocking cars on the road, they didn’t see what was quickly approaching. Shielded from sight by a large bus, a group of police wearing riot gear swept in to break up the illegal gathering – but that’s not even the best part.

The Portland Police Bureau was quick to respond as protesters blocked traffic in the downtown area Wednesday afternoon. bit.ly/2j6l4qR

Posted by FOX 12 Oregon on Wednesday, January 25, 2017
As seen in the clip, the police weren’t messing around and decided that the best way to apprehend the scattering cowards was to flatten them with a few tackles worthy of the NFL. In all, 6 punks were arrested along with several others across the city.

Of course, frustrated onlookers and those now stuck in the needless traffic jam could be heard cheering as police marched in with force. Americans are fed up with this tactic from crybabies who didn’t get their way, and the more you see it, the worse it’s going to go for those dumb enough to act in such a way. However, protesters are trying to be sneakier about it these days, ensuring that police don’t know when they’ll surface:

However, protesters are trying to be sneakier about it these days, ensuring that police don’t know when they’ll surface:

Rather than obtain the permits required by law to hold a demonstration in the city, the protesters intentionally organized their march in secret, reports The Oregonian. Police had used force on a large group that gathered to protest Trump, organizers said, so this time they were going to spread out in smaller groups without giving the police a heads up. [Source: BizPac Review]
police quickly responded in full riot gear
You would think that these punk protesters, who only aim to inconvenience innocent people in order to get their message out, would learn after a while. After all, this isn’t the first time that protesters have been quickly shut down in Portland, Oregon. The BLM suffered a similar incident – and they got their butts kicked too.

This is exactly how morons like this need to be handled. If you think infringing on the rights of others is the best way to raise awareness for your cause, you have another thing coming. All you’re really going to do is make people hate what you stand for because of the ridiculous way that you voice your opinions, and you may just find out what the pavement tastes like when you’re body slammed by a cop. When that happens, there isn’t a single person who is going to feel bad for you, and you only have yourself to blame.