Thousands Sign Petition To Free Man Who Killed His Daughter’s Sex Attacker


Thousands of people have signed a petition to release Jay Maynor from prison.

The 43-year-old Alabama native pleaded guilty to murdering his daughter’s sexual abuser, accepting a 40-year prison sentence to protect her from having to testify at trial.
Maynor’s daughter, Julia, now a 24-year-old mother of three, was sexually abused several times up until the age of eight.

Her adopted maternal grandfather, Raymond Earl Brooks, pleaded guilty in 2002 to the crimes and served 27 months of a five-year sentence.

Brooks paid restitution, was registered as a sex offender and continues to reside in Alabama, near Julia’s home.
Ten years after he was freed, Maynor exacted his revenge and fatally shot Brooks.

Julia – who waived her right to anonymity as a victim of sex crimes following her father’s sentencing – said the shooting was prompted by something she said to her father about the abuse, AOL reports.

Julia said she believes the prison sentence is unfair for a man who was just trying to protect his children. She said the sentence leveled against Brooks was also unfair.

“He took my innocence away and only served like 18 months, and now I suffer daily from what Raymond did to me,” Julia added, adding she suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. “It’s not fair.”

To sign the petition calling to pardon Jay Maynor, head here.