Uber Driver Picks Up Riders But Takes Notice of Young Girl. Moments Later, Cops Swarm Hotel


A 16-year-old girl has been saved from a life of sex trafficking, thanks to a ride from an Uber driver. When 34-year-old Uber driver Keith Avila picked up the teenager, who was traveling with two women, he immediately knew something was wrong.

As Avila drove the women from a house in Sacramento, California, to a hotel in Elk Grove, he said the conversation was troubling right from the start. The two women asked him to turn up the radio, but Avlia eavesdropped anyway.

“The lady in the back started getting really upset,” Avlia recalled. “She was yelling at the girl, ‘You need to get your priorities straight. We need to make this money.’ ”
The girl was wearing a short skirt, bare legs exposed. Her face, Avila said, looked innocent and insecure.

“They were describing what they were going to do when they get there,” Avila cringed. He told reporters that the women gave the girl instructions: “You’re gonna hug them, you’re gonna pat them down, make sure they don’t have no weapons… And then ask for the donations. Say ‘Do you have my donation?’ Get the donation first. And then before you go in and do anything, get the donation first.”

Alarm bells rang loud and clear, but Avila maintained his composure. He pretended to be unaware of the crime about to take place.