VIDEO: Abusive Boyfriend Instantly Collapses as When Girl’s Brother Finds Him… Then STREET JUSTICE


For men with little character and even smaller egos, being abusive to women seems to be completely reasonable and justified. However, one man recently learned this type of behavior simply cannot be tolerated.

In a video posted to on Friday, the man in question could be seen being confronted by his alleged girlfriend’s brother for beating his girlfriend. Soon, the boyfriend tried to run away from the brother after getting punched. He uttered, “dude, chill out, bro,” while running.

A chase ensued before the brother caught up to the boyfriend. Falling to the ground, the boyfriend curled into the fetal position to defend himself against the brother’s onslaught of punches and slaps.
Pausing to speak to the boyfriend, the brother could be heard saying, “You think you can beat up my sister?!” The boyfriend first denied this claim.

Standing above the boyfriend still curled into a fetal position, the brother commanded him to apologize to his sister, standing nearby. The boyfriend quickly did as he was told — probably a smart move.

We should note that we cannot independently verify the relationships of the individuals featured in this video, though it seems legitimate. You can watch the full video here and judge for yourself (WARNING: CONTAINS GRAPHIC LANGUAGE AND CONTENT):

Though vigilantism is not an acceptable method of seeking justice, this young man was standing up for his sister when it was clear no one else would — perhaps not commendable, but certainly an understandable action. Hopefully they each have learned their lessons and will steer clear of one another from now on.

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