Young Man Alone in Las Vegas Wins Buffet for Two. Then Finds Perfect Person to Take to Dinner


You ask folks who have visited Las Vegas what their favorite part of the trip was and many will answer “the buffets.” The abundance and variety of food at these relatively low-cost feasts are definitely things to write home about.

Many people put the Vegas food experience on top of the list of trip favorites. Seafood, beef, chicken, pasta, Chinese, Italian…..and the list goes on and on.

One man’s experience at the buffet had a meaning that went beyond satisfying some hunger pains. He took the late night special to a whole new level.
The man known as “Stenotrophomonas” told of his unique experience recently. He attended a conference with some friends/co-workers and they ended up playing craps at the Excalibur.
He somehow managed to get some tar-like substance on his pants and they were ruined. As compensation, the casino management provided him with a voucher for two free buffets.

Now this sounded like a good idea, but there was an issue as to what to do with his other ticket. His companions had left and he didn’t really want to waste the voucher.

Then he was hit by an extraordinary idea. He realized that there might be someone out there who could really use the freebie.

That is when he ventured outside and along the catwalk near the MGM. He found a man who appeared to be homeless. “Todd” was offered the other seat at the buffet table.
The surprised man was all in for the warm meal. “Steno” had his companion and they ventured to the food.

They had a great conversation. Steno found out that Todd had been in Vegas for about 30 years and has mostly been homeless.

He claimed to have been in an accident about three years ago and in a coma for a while. He supposedly has had trouble getting his disability checks because he has no I.D. or address.

Todd was thrilled with the meal and favored the mashed potatoes with real butter. Sometimes the simplest of things are all that is needed to make someone happy.

It was a nice thing Steno did for his new acquaintance. The random act of kindness probably did as much good for him as it did for the person on the receiving end.

He posted his experience in hope that others would do the same, and the feedback has indicated that some others have reached out to those in need as well. Another heartwarming story about the contagious nature of kindness!