Boy Dies Weighing 15 Pounds, Then Cops Make 2nd HORRID Discovery About Him


Hubert Kraemer, Sarah Travioli, Robin Kraemer, Chad Kraemer, (clockwise left) were arrested after police learned what they did to a boy who died weighing just 15 pounds (stock image for visual representation only, right).
An Indiana community is in grieving after a malnourished 9-year-old boy was found dead, weighing just 15 pounds — the average weight of a 3-month-old baby and far from a healthy weight for his age. Unfortunately, the situation would get so much worse when police showed up to investigate what had happened – and now, four people are behind bars after authorities made a second horrid discovery about the unfortunate child.

Police officers were called to a home in Vigo County just before 4 a.m. for a nine-year-old child, named Cameron, who was in cardiac arrest. Unfortunately, the child would be officially declared dead after being taken to Union Hospital nearby.

However, things would get even worse as police began to actually look into what had happened to this boy. Before long, officers had learned that Cameron was also suffering from cerebral palsy and was blind. Just like that, they jetted back to the house and placed four adults who lived in the home under arrest for child neglect.

All four were officially charged with neglect of a dependent resulting in death and neglect of a dependent, and they are all being remanded on $250,000 bond a piece. Apparently, the virtually helpless boy was too much of a burden or too bothersome to deal with, resulting in these animals simply ignoring him to death – literally.
Police have since come forward to say that this is the single worst case of child abuse they have personally seen in the area, and as one would imagine, it’s caused quite a bit of turmoil within the community. “It makes me mad, makes me mad that somebody could do this to a child, let alone a child that has physical handicaps and was blind … was given to a guardian to take care of,” Sheriff Greg Ewing would later say in a statement to the press. “And this is how he gets treated? This is what he deserves? To be starved to death? What kind of animals are they?”

The evil in this world is truly unfathomable at times. It’s almost enough to churn your gun to acknowledge that animals like this exist out there. So indulged in their own lifestyles, these sub-human savages were willing to let a child die simply because it was more convenient for them to do so.

Cases like these make me glad there is something worse than the death penalty. After what these monsters did, they deserve to burn in hell.