Firefighter Does Everything He Can To Save Little Dog Pulled From Burning Home


Introducing the hero of the day – Santa Monica Firefighter, Andrew Klein. The little dog you see in the picture with Klein is Marley. The apartment building where Marley and his mom live caught on fire earlier this week.

The amazing moment you saw in the picture was captured by a portrait photographer, Billy Fernando, who was driving by when he saw the brave firefighters battling the blaze. Fernando recalled seeing Klein run out of the building with something in his arms. He soon realized that Klein was holding a dog. Marley was limp and unresponsive…


Klein and his fellow firefighters got to work. They first tried to use an oxygen mask.
But it wasn’t enough. Klein then performed CPR on Marley!
Fernando said it was awe-inspiring! Who was this dog to Klein? Marley was just a dog – right? Wrong, Marley was a living breathing creature who needed help.
So, Klein did what he could to help. Here you see Marley’s distraught owner. Klein didn’t give up, even though he was clearly exhausted. Happily, (and amazingly), twenty minutes later, Marley showed signs of life again!
Fernando was honored to be able to witness this miraculous event!
If you need a hero to look up to – choose a hardworking person
Nurses, firefighters, police, and teachers. Those are the real heroes in this world! The have dedicated their lives to helping others.
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