An adorable group of helpless puppies that were found abandoned in a remote dumping ground in Southwest Atlanta have been rescued by Georgia State Patrol with some special help from Officer Tek – the force’s beloved K9.

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Tek and Trooper Jordan Ennis were out for a ride when they happened upon three young pups in a deserted subdivision.

They stood side-by-side, scared and cowering from the troopers underneath a nearby bush and it became clear that they were alone and abandoned.

The broken look on their faces just goes to show how timid and frightened they must have been.

Share Source: The Dodo
Ennis and Tek felt compelled to act. Together, they loaded the puppies into their vehicle and journeyed back to the station. Tek stayed beside them the whole time to offer canine comfort to the young pups and support them through their ordeal.

While it’s unclear if we’ll ever discover who was responsible for abandoning these precious pups, one thing we know for sure is that the victims will certainly be able to recover from the incident and move forward towards a happier life.

“[Ennis] knew no one was coming for them, so he and his K-9, Tek, brought the puppies to Headquarters where they were all promptly adopted,” Georgia’s Department of Public Safety said in a statement.” A Trooper never knows what he may encounter on a shift, but a day with puppies is a good day.”

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