Sara Porter was a devoted mother to three boys and loving wife to Dominic Gillette. On March 8, she gave birth to her third son, Jonas.

During what was supposed to be a time of hope and happiness, Porter unfortunately developed an extremely rare bacterial infection. While the doctors did everything they could, this infection claimed her life only 5 days later.
Close friends of the family, Billy and Holly Cislo-Livermore, decided to create a GoFundMe page for Porter. This beautiful gesture was purely for the good of Porter’s family, notably what she used to call the “Gillette Boys.”

The GoFundMe page describes Porter as an amazing and kind woman. It notes that “Sara’s kindness was known the moment you met her and her beautiful smile will stay with us always.”

The Cislo-Livermore’s have started the campaign on behalf of Gillette, writing that “Sara will always be the love of Gillette’s life and he will do everything to continue without her but he needs all of us to be there for him.”

The page helped those she left behind, including her husband, raise money not only for funeral costs, but for the benefit of her children. The campaign started with a goal of $20,000, but soon, something amazing happened.

Porter had been a producer on the late night show Conan, and during her time there, she apparently touched many people. Soon after hearing the news of Porter’s passing, Conan O’Brien himself donated $10,000, and the show matched his donation with another $10,000!

In less than 24 hours, the goal for the donations was reached. The GoFundMe page quickly started trending, and people all over the world donated to this heartwarming cause.

Those that knew Porter left loving messages about her, and even strangers donated, sending their thoughts and prayers. The page has collected over $160,000 for the benefit of Porter’s children, Mateo, Luca and Jonas.

The unexpected loss of a loved one is always traumatizing, but it is lovely to see that the Gillette boys and their dad are being taken care of. The amazing outpouring of help is massively appreciated by everyone in the family.

The Cislo-Livermore’s, who started the GoFundMe page, have since updated it to thank everyone that contributed. It is obvious that Sara Porter was loved by many people and will be thought about often.

The family also asked that if anyone who has images or videos of Porter to send them by email. These memories will be used to show Porter’s young children the kind of person she was.