Mother Sentenced To Death After Judge Finds Out What She Did To Her Children


This woman has been sentenced to death. She was the first woman in Mobile County, Alabama to be sent to death row. Heather Leavell-Keaton will be killed by lethal injection. She was convicted, by a jury, in 2010 for killing her common-law husband, John DeBlase’s two children.
Image Credit: AL.COM / Landov
Chase DeBlase was three years old, and Natalie DeBlase was four. John DeBlase was sent to death row too. He was convicted in 2014 on multiple counts of capital murder in the death of his children.
Image Credit: AL.COM / Landov
Leavell put antifreeze in the children’s food. Natalie was choked to death in March 2010 after being tied up with duct tape, put into a suitcase, and then shoved in a closet for 12 hours. Chase died in June 2010, he too was choked to death.
The jury voted 11 to 1 that Leavell gets the death penalty. The one juror wanted life in prison with no chance of parole. Ashley Rich, Mobile County District Attorney, said the death penalty was what she deserved.

In this case, this cruel woman was warranted because of how the children died – by her very own hands.