We can all attest to the anxiousness we felt around high school prom. From who to go with or ask, to what to wear and how to get there, lots of planning is involved.

Darius Ellis wanted to go to prom, but he didn’t have any way of getting there. When Dagon Leach heard this, he knew he wanted to do something about it.

Leach is a Lakeland Police Officer; he is also a friend of Ellis’. The two became friends through a student resource officer program that allows officers to have more of a personalized relationship with the students.
Early on, Leach and Ellis easily bonded over their love of supercars. Leach has a Nissan GTR and Ellis tells people, “It roars like a tiger, and stings like a bee.”

When Ellis told Leach he wouldn’t be able to go to prom because he didn’t have a ride to Orlando, Leach offered to drive him. “Immediately in that moment, he is such a kind spirit, and such a kind-hearted kid, I knew I had to get him there,” Leach recalled.

He contacted Ellis’ mom to okay it first, but soon told the teen he would be happy to get him to his prom. And the kicker? Ellis would get to ride there in style in the supercar that he idolized.
Administrators helped dress Ellis from head to toe in Mens Wearhouse so he looked the part. “I gotta look good for the ladies,” Ellis stated.

With that, they were off. Leach drove Ellis from Lakeland FL to Orlando, Florida, so that he could attend the prom. Music, cars, and pictures were a part of their trip and neither one of them could take the smiles off of their faces.

Ellis and Leach feel a brotherly bond and have always been fond of each other. “Officer Leach, you’re the best big brother I ever had,” Ellis told him.
And Leach is just as big of a fan of Ellis. “He is one of the most kind-hearted students I’ve ever met,” he said.

He continued to praise Ellis saying, “He is loved by everyone on campus and I was honored to drive him to the prom. Every kid should have the opportunity to attend their big night.”

These two might be unlikely friends, but the admiration they have for each other is more than obvious. And Leach couldn’t ignore his instinct: “It’s something that I had to do. I needed to do it.” And he made Ellis’ night with the simple gesture of offering him a ride.