This Picture Of A Woman At An Airport Is Going Viral. Look Closer And You’ll See Why(Photo)


A picture of a woman buying a ticket at an airline counter has gone viral for a heartwarming reason.

The photo’s caption tells the story a father who was checking in for a flight with his 2-year-old daughter when he found out that his daughter’s ticket would not be free, according to KUSA.

“A gentleman was checking in for his flight when the agent asked how old his daughter was,” the post reads. “He said she had recently turned two. The agent then asked if she had a ticket. The man was confused because he was under the impression she could ride for free. (When he booked the ticket, she was [1 year old] but her birthday was in January.)”

The man was overwhelmed with emotion as he couldn’t afford the high cost of a second ticket for his young daughter.

“He stepped aside and tried to make a few calls. Hugging his daughter and grabbing his head, you could tell he was heartbroken,” the post reads.

Suddenly, a stranger approaches the emotional father. After talking with him for a while, she went to the ticket counter, pointed at the young girl and said, “I wanna buy her ticket.”

The agent, shocked, asked her if she was aware that a last minute ticket on the flight would be $749. Unfazed, the woman pulled out her credit card and paid the full price.

“The agent kept talking about her goosebumps while the man hugged the woman and asked for her name to repay her,” the post continued. “The woman just kept saying, ‘Don’t worry about it.’ She knew she wanted to help that man and his daughter no matter what the cost.”

he story was posted on the social media site Love What Matters on March 8. The site collects submissions recounting strangers’ acts of kindness and love.

The post ends asking people to share the story so the woman’s act of kindness would be known to more people than just those in the situation.

“Please share this story because people like this need to be recognized,” the author says.

As of March 10, the post has more than 165 thousand likes and over 32 thousand shares. Hundreds of commenters wrote how the story had touched their heart and how the woman is an inspiration.

One user wrote that she knows the woman in the picture.

“I won’t share who this lady is. But I do know her,” she writes. “I know her family kids and grandkids get together frequently to discuss how they can use the abundance and blessings they get to serve and give back to others. She is an inspiration every time I see her and is constantly giving freely. She is so full of Love for everyone and does what is needed without being asked.”

Sources: KUSA, Love What Matters/Facebook / Photo credit: Love What Matters/Facebook



    • What the woman did was generous, heartwarming and just plain lovely, but the ticket agent should have just let him go…she just turned 2….I thought the same thing.

  1. This lady is clearly a saint. People like this give without the need of recognition. The Holy Spirit leads givers into giving. Praise God for His work in her life.

  2. US Airlines are arrogant, hot-house tomatoes living off of the largesse of American taxpayers.

    It should never, never, never be forgotten that those “9-11-01” families which received “a million dollars” compensation following that disasters of that day — in which US airliners were allegedly used — received the money ONLY after signing certifications that they would never sue the airline companies involved.

    Think about that. Get all around it — and let it sink in.

    We need an advanced railroad system in this country to compete with airlines for intercity and inter-regional business.

  3. God did make heaven on earth, centre yourself first,only then will you discover we live in a world of abundance just trust your instincts all your needs will be taken care of your wants are something else.

  4. Great story as far as the woman…but as far as the j$%^&# airline and the airline employees they are complete shit. The girl was one when they booked the flight….they could have let her go… God corporate America,,,,have a damn heart. Honest mistake.

  5. I am so proud of who ever this lady is. Thankful that are people that truly love others & are able to help others. I know God will repay this lady ten times over for what she did. God bless her always.

  6. The lady obviously didn’t need public recognition or she would have given her name. It’s the fact that people do stuff like that that needs to be publicly recognized.

  7. That’s a really great story, and yet it is a sad one also. There are people out there that are willing to help others, which is refreshing. But it also shows how greedy businesses are. The airline could have reduced the price of the ticket, or just let her fly for free. After this kind lady stepped up and was willing to pay for a last minute ticket, they could have tried to help her out by reducing the price. It would have been a win for them as far as marketing goes.

  8. the lady was a God send to this man and his daughter. But why in the world does a ticket cost that much for a child, last minute or not. they should have honored the price at 1yr old. these airlines really should be ashamed of themselves. Charge you such large amounts to sit in a small seat and offer you water and peanuts. not everyone can fly 1st class….

  9. i love this lady but shame on that airline and THAT ticketing counter, that ticketing
    person could have said “sir its supposed to be a extra ticket for your child but its supposed to be for 1 years old , if anyone asks tell them she is younger…..” that individual could have made an exception but instead almost cost a family their trip……..

  10. You can not doubt the kindness of the person who bought that ticket, but seriously if i was the person behind the counter i would have lent over the counter and quietly said i will ask you that question again and your answer will be one years old. the child had literally just turned two and the ticket was bought when the child was one so have a heart…

  11. The rest of the story is that this greedy airline should have cut the price of that “last minute” ticket to what it would have cost if booked when her father bought his. There obviously was an unsold seat on that flight that would have produced zero revenue otherwise.